Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Welcome to the Red Recycle Box

For those of you that are tired of all the junk mail that you receive, you may have been as annoyed as we were this evening when Canada Post reported on the TV news that they get $1.5 BILLION dollars a year delivering junk mail to our houses, so they are not about the stop. That is just the JUNK MAIL that is addressed to our specific residences and does not include the unaddressed junk mail. They say that as long as there is an address on the junk mail they have to deliver it, as they have contracted with the company or person to provide that service.

When questioned why they do this and what to do with all this Junk Mail, our dear Canada Post responded that "it is all printed on recycled paper" and if you do not want it you can put it in your BLUE RECYCLE BOX.

As we were watching that newscast I realized that we actually have two options for the disposal of the JUNK MAIL. There are in fact two recycle bins that we can use. Since it has our address on it, if we use the BLUE BOX we have to shred the documents first, but if we use the RED BOX we do not. Sounds like a plan to me, so can everyone now start using the RED RECYCLE BOX for the JUNK MAIL that they do not want. No shredding required, it is totally safe, as it is operated by the same company that delivered the junk in the first place.

For those that are not familiar with the two (2) different bins, here is a picture of the RED RECYLE BOX that does not require shredding, followed by the BLUE RECYCLE BOX (or the green recycle bag) that reguires shredding. We encourage you to start using your new red recycle box tomorrow ...... then we might see some changes!